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Good Health Cocoa is a line of high-quality 72% dark chocolate born from the pure love of chocolate. Business partners Sharon Adams and Patti Shepard joined forces to launching a chocolate line that was good for you by using a proprietary blend of chocolate naturally filled with antioxidants and then infusing it with beneficial herbs. The result was a rich, decadent chocolate in a variety of flavor profiles.


It is well known that dark chocolate has many benefits such as supporting cardiovascular health. The antioxidants and flavonoids in dark chocolate do a body good. The idea was to add even more goodness to dark chocolate, making it a sweet pleasure that was good for you, inspiring Sharon to spend countless hours working initially with a nutritionist and then on her own testing recipes until she found the perfect blend of chocolate and ingredients that could be good for you and taste great too!

Good Health Cocoa is infused with herbs and Non GMO sourced ingredients, handcrafted in small batches with great care and attention to give the world an indulgent chocolate to always enjoy. Every Good Health Cocoa product is non-GMO, gluten-free and chock full of the best, most nutrient dense ingredients blended into rich, pure 72% dark chocolate to appeal to chocolate lovers and health enthusiasts alike.

Join Sharon and Patti in sharing the love by offering your loved ones a healthy and delicious treat that nourishes the body with beneficial herbs and sweet, decadent 72% dark chocolate.

Good Health Cocoa was founded in 2014 and is based in Denver, Colorado, a state known for being one of the healthiest in the country. Enjoy Good Health Cocoa, chocolates that not only can be good for you, but tastes amazing! Sharon and Patti are proud of the Good Health Cocoa line and hope you will love it too!

Good Health Cocoa is available in stores near you or buy it now online!

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