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Jan 15, 2016 10:42:11 AM

"I purchased a package of your Good Health Cocoa chocolates at my HomeGoods store recently. I just want to let you know how incredibly delicious this product was. I am planning to purchase more both there and online I have called the HomeGoods store manager David Tate to let him know what a great product this is."

Thank You!

Wendy Barton

Dave Luniewski
Pictures by Renee Huemer, tour photographer.

Henry hard at work at the Gorge, fueled by Good Health Cocoas' "Lasting Energy". I heard it was no easy gig, with winds threatening to stop the show. 

I have been working with the Dave Matthews Band for a quarter of a century & I don't plan on slowing down anytime soon. Working for the best drummer in the world requires I never miss a beat; regardless of the long hours, late nights & constant travel. Being both Carter Beauford's Drum Tech & the DMB Stage Manager is only the half of it.

I am a father to 4 active young boys. Our youngest son Jude, has profound Apraxia. When I'm behind the man on the drums my family is out front with our charity, A Thousand Signs, creating awareness & opportunities for all children with communication {dis}ABILITIES. We passionately believe every child deserve a voice. It is our mission to supply Deaf, Hard of Hearing & Apraxic children with an artistic avenue to be heard.

In order for me to sustain this level of stamina ,concentration, strength & ingenuity on & off the stage; I depend on the power of superfoods. My pick-me-up of choice is Good Health Cocoa's "Lasting Energy" dark chocolates. They are packed with natural boosters like ginseng, Goji berries & Maca. Maca is a Superstar! It's complete protein, how cool is that? The dark chocolate is low on the glycemic index so I can keep an even tempo without crashing.

What makes Good Health Cocoas a hit on the road is their packaging. I can toss an opened bag into my drum case or luggage without having to worry about it. That way they are ready to eat whenever I need a little kick... For no matter how tired I get, the show must go on!

"Lasting Energy" is no one hit wonder. Good Health Cocoa has a whole lineup of powerhouse players that rock! My wife Julia loves "Heart Health" & "Passion"; my older boys love the raspberries in "Antioxidant" & Jude has no idea that he is enjoying chocolate with health benefits when we offer him "Digestion".

YOU deserve a standing ovation! By purchasing this chocolate you too will be helping Jude & his future deaf & Apraxic band mates. With the support of Centennial Brands, our DMB family, friends, fans, and you; "A Thousands Signs" can give the hearts of children with communication disabilities a reason to sing!

LoVE, Henry Luniewski Dave Matthews Band


Good Health ChocolateGood Health Chocolate

“Sweet like candy to my soul, Sweet she rocked and sweet she rolled" ~Dave Matthews Band "OH" did I have the "SWEET" honor "RECENTLY" of meeting the amazing women at Centennial Chocolates & touring the facility that is home to 20 "BELLY BELLY NICE" confection companies. These chocolatiers take their craft to an artisanal level. I've often read "handcrafted", but to watch each caramel sprinkled with the purest of sea salts after being drenched in the finest of chocolates, can only be described as a sensual experience... One I keep reliving thanks to the swag bags of sweets we took back to Fiddler's Green for the Dave Matthews Band & Crew.

Good Health Chocolate

The biggest treat came in getting to know these women over the weekend. I did not get to spend the time with Sharon that I would have liked, but did so with Patti Shepard. There are few women like Patti: strong & sweet, similar complexity to a fine chocolate; only proving you are what you eat!

Similarly, the DMB crew grazed on the Centennial line, "Good Health Cocoa". These healthy chocolates are created with organic herbs & superfoods to sustain your "Energy" & "Passion", aid in "Digestion" & "Heart Health" and provide "Super Antioxidants". After an 18 hour day, I know their latest offering provided us with long lasting "Energy".

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